My Favorite Piano is my very own Heintzman Piano
 Built in 1906.  Rebuilt in 2009 By Story & Co. Pianos in Vancouver BC.

 Plays like a charm. From Boogie to Bach. And let me tell you, it Rocks.

                "To get the job done well, you need the right tool".

Don't miss the video below. A friend of my from King's County North of Toronto on his incredible Steinway. and we are just fooling around. He is showing me the art of Stride/Swing piano. A master I must say. Adam Saunders. 

For more videos of me and some of my friends that I work with go to Facebook and look me up. Lyndon Davies Band Page.


June 2014. Adam is the real deal in Swing music. A pleasure to know.                                                Thank you Adam.